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We enable ourselves to produce consistently high quality workmanship by investing heavily in our working environment.

Variable weather and lighting conditions are limiting factors in what can be achieved when working on a car, as are access to tools and facilities, so we have engineered an absolute detailing heaven split over two internal levels.

Security & Insurance

While your car's with us, you may understandably be interested in its safety

For your protection, and for ours, we are fully insured for all cars that enter our workshop – including specifically for accidental damage and for theft/vandalism, something that we know many detailing companies actually don’t have cover for. Our policy covers us for all cars, including multi-million pound cars such as Bugatti, Koenigsegg etc.

We have invested in numerous extensive security, protection and prevention systems that we’d rather not divulge here. Suffice to say that your car’s security is a prime concern.

Should you leave a car of significant value with us, we will be happy to share our insurance details and specifics.


So we don’t have to compromise, our workshop has five separate vehicle lifts each carefully positioned and offering its own characteristics to suit all types of car. It is common for us to remove wheels for cleaning and treatment (allowing better access to the brake callipers and wheel arch too). We have no trouble working on lower portions of the car’s bodywork during high-end detailing packages (for example polishing the carbon rear diffuser on a Ferrari F488). We can set any car to a helpful height when applying protection (PPF or GTechniq), to minimise contamination and ensure the highest possible quality finish.


Featuring over 200 fixed and portable lights – including LED, strip and spot, metal halide, halogen and more, each attuned to diagnosing different types of imperfections and all switchable by remote control – our workshop is the perfect environment to identify and remove flaws. For example, strip lamps are better for showing up orange-peel, sinkage and wobbles in the paint, whereas spot lights are better to show swirls and scratches. By working on every car under such critical conditions, we can be certain that out in the real world our results will look even more astonishing!


While mechanical work is no longer a core part of what we offer, we do still have the equipment and the know-how. In recent years we undertook a bare-shell, engine-out, glass-out restoration of a Ferrari F355, fitting a Fiorano handling pack and Capristo exhaust while we were at it. The skills involved in such a job are not required in 99% of the work we carry out, but it should be reassuring to know that we have them!

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