New car detailing.

With the excitement of a new car comes the opportunity to cherish it.

Lake Country UK understand how important it is to give your new car the best possible start in life.  We recommend choosing one of our comprehensive Protection Packages to help you keep that new car brilliance for years to come!

However, there’s a chance the vehicle’s condition may not live up to expectations when it arrives, and some paint correction work could be required.  We will take the time to discuss any paint defects, explain how we can rectify them, and return your car to #betterthannew condition! 

platinum detail

Our platinum correction detail takes paint correction beyond the next level...

You will be amazed at the level of finish we achieve with this detail, no matter what condition of the car may be in to start with. Our PLATINUM detail takes paint correction beyond the next level, and will include Kelly Harris painstakingly removing every defect that can possibly be polished away from the paintwork. 

gold detail

Our gold correction detail is best suited to cars with more extensive defects...

…such as deeper scratches or chemical etching, and cars dulled through wear and tear over a number of years. However, it is also generally recommended for cars suffering from ‘unfinished’ workmanship from a paint shop – or indeed the original production line. Ugly leftover sanding marks can be quite deep and are a common feature on hand-worked paintwork, whether it is from a repairer, or a low-volume manufacturer.

silver detail

Our silver correction detail is designed for vehicles with 'medium' level paint defects ...

The SILVER correction process will deal with swirls and scratches, dullness a reduced depth of colour caused by poor hand washing techniques and automated car washes.  Other defects that can be removed with this process are light car park scrapes, water marks, ‘buffer lines / holograms’ left by body shops or less experienced detailers, and minor bird dropping stains. 

bronze detail

Our bronze paint correction detail is designed to suit cars in 'nearly new' condition

…with only very minor paint defects, where the aim is to specifically remove them and leave a near-flawless finish. This is also the package to go for if your vehicle has had previous paint correction carried out within the last 12-24 months, and has only picked up minor swirls in the meantime.

Through experience there are two main categories of #dayonedefects that we often find on any new car...

1. Post-production defects

Unfortunately, in the motor trade cars are extensively handled, transported, left exposed to the elements and hurriedly washed (possibly several times) before they reach the customer, and this can take its toll on the ‘new’ condition. The car may have swirl marks, scratches, stains, built up dirt, smears of cheap wax or coatings, surface etching – exactly like a used car – all of which are are ‘post-production‘ defects.

2. Factory defects

We also watch out for ‘factory‘ defects. Manufacturers do their best to limit flaws, but inevitably some still get past quality control checks. Sanding marks, rotary holograms (buffer lines), burnt-through edges, sinkage, dirt specks in the lacquer, even incorrectly coloured panels – these are all quite commonplace on new cars, as production pressures are too high for car makers to give each ‘unit’ the kind of care and attention that we can.

Lake Country UK can deal with all of the above. the end result is #betterthannew.

The processes involved in rectifying #dayonedefects are essentially the same as those used to correct used cars, so we use the same menu pricing structure as a guide. Most new cars only need the lower packages to reach #betterthannew standards.

As always, it is best to contact us directly for a quote. Our experience working on hundreds of brand new cars annually gives us far more information and insight than we can possibly put on a webpage!

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