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Here at KDS we believe our workshop reflects the attitude we take to our work, and after eight years of growing demand we invested in a significant internal upgrade in 2016.  The result is a facility we are extremely proud of - clean, highly functional, and incredibly well equipped.

Did you know that paintwork finishes vary in terms of 'stickiness' from car to car? This means some polishing tools and products are more suitable than others for a given job. At KDS, we have invested in almost every conceivable tool or product available in all aspects of our trades. Rather than taking a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, or cutting corners, we will have the right kit for your specific car at all times.

We have four ramps (4-post, 2-post, and two pillarless hydraulics), which means we can lift everything from an Ariel Atom to a Rolls Royce Phantom or large 4x4 in both comfort and safety.

For paintwork we have a gas fired spray oven, multiple types and styles of lighting and up to date diagnostic systems - more detail of which can be found on our mechanical page.

Safety and Insurance

While your car is with us, you may understandably be interested in its safety.

For your car's protection, and for ours, we are fully insured for all cars that enter our workshop - including for accidental damage and for theft/vandalism. Our policy covers us for all cars, including multi-million pound cars such as Bugatti, Koenigsegg etc.

We have a 24 hr recorded CCTV system with full internal and external coverage, anti ram raid bars, a modern workshop alarm system directly linked to the local police and many other protection and prevention systems that we'd rather not divulge here. Suffice to say that your car's security is of our prime concern. As well as making it look/perform as great as possible, of course.

Should you leave a car of significant value with us, we will be happy to share the insurance details and specifics.

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