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Detailing Your Engine Bay

Engine Before Detail
Engine After Detail

Preparing The Engine

Firstly, you need to remove any excess leaves or debris that gets trapped under your bonnet. The next step is preparing your engine for getting soaked, you must cover all sensors and any electrical devices. This will prevent the majority of the water getting in.

Applying Degreaser

You’re now ready to degrease your engine, using a specific engine degreaser. Use the degreaser on the top side of the engine, high quality degreasers are strong enough to cut through heavy grease and dirt. For more stubborn stains a little scrubbing may be needed.

When applying your engine degreaser, it is better to start from the lower parts of the engine and work your way up. This prevents you getting covered in degreaser (if you were spraying from the top down). Try not to get the degreaser over your paintwork as it will strip the wax.

Depending how dirty/greasy your engine bay is to how long you leave the degreaser to soak, it is recommended to follow the instructions on the degreaser bottle. Never, let the degreaser dry on the engine. For heavier levels of grease/dirt agitate cleaner with a brush until removed.

Rinsing The Engine Bay

Once you are happy with your degreasing effort and the degreaser has been soaking for about 5 minutes, you are ready to rinse the engine bay, preferably with a high pressure washer (making sure not get to close to covered electrical devices). Remove excess water with a microfibre towel, start your engine as this will speed up the drying process and dry areas that cannot be reached with a towel.

Protecting and Making Your Engine Bay Look Good

When your engine bay is dry and the engine has cooled, it is ready for a coat of protectant. You can either use a specific engine protectant or just a vinyl and rubber protectant to coat the hoses and plastic shields. For the painted areas in the bay you can either give it couple of layers of wax or just a quick detailing spray will be suffice. Job done.


When your vehicle leaves the factory the engine has been applied with a heavy layer of high temperature wax that protects your engine for years. When you remove this coating corrosion will begin, so protectant is very important.

Some of the high quality engine detailing products used by KDS.

  • Meguiars – Super Degreaser
  • Sonus – Trim & Motor Kote
  • The above products are available to purchase through KDS.

This service is available at KDS.