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Have you ever noticed how much better your vehicle looks with perfectly clean glass?  Most people ignore the windows when they wash their vehicle.  Smeary/dirty windows can be a safety hazard.  The effect of dirty glass will ruin the appearance of your just cleaned/waxed vehicle.  All you need is a damp microfibre cloth (specific for glass) to buff your windows, for more stubborn stain use a glass cleaning spray.

Glass Cleaners

Just like the selection of shampoo and wax, there is a vast variety of glass cleaners.  Look to see if your glass cleaner states it is safe to use on window tint film; a glass cleaner that is safe on window tint film will not harm the plastic surfaces on your vehicle.

Glass cleaners in a spray bottle are the best, the only problem being is overspray on your dash or door panels.  The better option is to spray one side of a clean microfibre towel, wiping the glass and then drying with the other side of the towel.

Microfibre Towels

Alfa 50/50

There are two options: a specific glass cleaning towel or a polishing towel.  The glass cleaning towel (damp) work best on water stained glass, and for more stubborn stains use a polishing towel with a high quality glass cleaner.  The reason for a polishing towel is the weave is tighter giving them more scrubbing power.  It is better to use two towels, one for cleaning and the other for buffing.

Clear Plastic Windows

Keeping clear plastics clean is difficult, these materials will scratch very easy and lose their original clarity.  Keeping these clean and in top condition is a must.  The picture below shows a 50/50 shot of an Alfa Romeo, the right side has been polished using a rotary polisher (not something we'd advise trying at home!) and then treated with a plastic protectant.

The best way to protect plastic windows like the one above is with a specific glass polish to keep it clean and water spot free followed by a protectant to repel dust, dirt and oil based stains.


Headlight before Detail
Headlight during Detail
Headlight after Detail

The headlight lenses on new vehicles are made from plastic (since about 1990).  These lenses protect your lamps from stones and road debris.  If not protected over time they will degrade and eventually go opaque, which restricts the amount of light reaching the road.

The best way to maintain your headlights lenses (and rear lights) is with a plastic polish or a synthetic wax.  These products will not repair damaged or scratched lenses, the pictures below show a headlight that has gone opaque.

The headlight above had gone beyond needing just a liquid polish.  To achieve these results, a rotary machine polisher was used, with a variety of compounds and polishes.

Some of the high quality glass/plastic detailing products used by KDS:

  • Meguiars - NXT Glass Cleaner
  • CarLack - Glass Sealing Kit
  • CarLack68 - Plastic Care
  • The above products are available to purchase through KDS.

These services are available at KDS.

Below is a video of a windscreen cleaned and sealed by KDS.