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Regular vacuuming and general cleaning of your vehicles interior is the best way to keep it looking good. However, cleaning the surface is not enough. Three or even four times a year your interior will need a detail just like the exterior to keep it looking like new.

Interior before Detail
Interior after Detail

To the right are pictures of a Mercedes SL55's interior before and after, looking as good as when it left the factory., the leather has been treated (cleaned and conditioned) and all the plastics have been treated with a high quality interior cleaner.

Remember, before using any cleaning products, always test a small concealed area first.

Your vehicles interior will take a lot of abuse, every time you get into your vehicle you will bring in with you - more dirt. And over time this will soon build up making it harder to keep clean.

Each time you wash your vehicle you should vacuum, remove any rubbish and give the dash and door panels a quick wipe with a microfibre cleaning cloth, unless you have been somewhere where your interior has got extremely dirty.

Once a month I recommend you use an interior cleaning spray on the dash, console and door panels to renew their protection. With the variety of different materials used in today's modern interiors, knowing what to detail and how to do it is not always that easy.

Dashboard and Console

The dashboard and console is the main focal point when you are driving so special attention is required. The dashboard will be affected from sun exposure, the best way to treat this is once a month use a high quality interior cleaning spray. The advantage of using a high quality spray (over a cheaper one) is it will contain protective UV sunscreens, these will reduce the effects of the sun's UV rays.

Door Panels

Door panels will contain more than one material, including leather, carpet or fabric. Apart from treating the plastic with a high quality interior spray you must also treat the other materials with appropriate cleaning products, whether it be a leather cleaner/conditioner or a fabric protectant. Never use household cleaning products, use products specifically made for automotive interiors.



Leather 50/50

Cleaning and conditioning your leather seats, there are two cleaning related factors that can cause your leather to wear. The first is dirt and the second is oil from your skin. The oil from your skin is very damaging to your leather - more so than dirt. Unlike a fabric upholstery, leather should be cleaned one section at a time.

Leather should be cleaned and conditioner at least three times a years to keep it looking fresh and smelling like new. For heavily soiled leather use a leather cleaning brush with your choice of leather cleaner. Once you have cleaned your leather also use a leather conditioner to preserve the unique, natural qualities of your leather.

This picture shows a 50/50 of a seat that is just 6 months old, light colour leather has to be maintain on a regular basis.

Also available is leather restoration

Leather before Detail
Leather after Detail

No matter how careful you are, leather can get accidentally damaged. Perhaps by continual rubbing of the seat belt ,or you getting in and out of a car. These marks can be covered with leather touch-up dyes.

To the right are two pictures of a Jaguar seat, badly in need of some restoration


Fabric on the other hand is more difficult to clean. Unlike leather, fabric will easily stain. For larger stains, the best type of cleaner is an upholstery shampoo and a upholstery brush. For those smaller stains go for a spray on/wipe off cleaner, these cleaners are stronger and clean deep into the stain. To keep your fabric upholstery looking like new, you may consider a fabric protectant, this will repel water, oil, grease and dirt.


Your vehicles carpets are very durable and will withstand repeated cleaning.

The last picture shows a 50/50 of a carpet that has been shampoo'd and protected with a fabric protectant.

Before shampooing, your carpet/mats must be vacuumed. As with a fabric upholstery, for those smaller stains use a spray on/wipe off cleaner and larger stains use a high quality shampoo and an upholstery brush to agitate. If you have shampoo'd your carpets/mat always allow to dry overnight. And finish off with a fabric protectant, these are worth every penny.

Carpet 50/50

Some of the high quality interior detailing products used by KDS.

  • Gliptone Liquid Leather Cleaner
  • Gliptone Liquid Leather Conditioner
  • Meguiars - Tech Protect
  • Mequiars - Carpet and Interior Cleaner
  • The above products are available to purchase through KDS.

This service is available at KDS.