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Microfibre is the terminology used to describe ultra-fine manufactured fibres and the name is given to the technology of developing these fibres. The fibres made using microfibre technology, produce fibres that weigh less than 0.1 denier.

Microfibres are two times finer than silk, three times finer than cotton and twenty five times finer than a human hair.

During manufacture the fibres are split into wedge shaped areas as seen in this diagram. The individual fibres are microscopic with a diameter of 1 micrometre = 1/1,000,000m. - Invisible to the naked eye. This is just one of many patterns that can be made.

Ultra microfibres are so small that one square inch of cloth contains over 200,000 strands - this would be about 30km in length.

Traditional cotton fibres do not pick-up dust and debris but rather push them around. Microfibres are specifically designed to lift and trap dirt from any surface.

When woven into a cloth it is soft to touch like silk or cashmere. The design in the shown creates a capillary action with quick, strong absorbency. This is what enables good automotive microfibre towels to clean and polish at the same time.

Detailing Microfibre Products

There are many different types of microfibre products for automotive detailing, including towels, applicators, dusters and wash mitts. In the towels category alone, you will find dozens of different weaves, material weights, fabric blends, colours and sizes.


Microfibre cloths that work well on glass should be 100% lint free. With purpose microfibre glass and window towels you do not need to use any kind of detergent or glass cleaners. Simply dampened the towel with water and wipe it across the surface area. The towel will leave as little water as possible so the droplets will evaporate without leaving a spot or streaking.


Microfibre 'waffle weave' drying towels are the best and come in a range of weights and colours. The fabric weight and differences in the weave changes how the towel feels and performs. The higher quality towels have a satin/silk edging making them 100% scratch free. Inferior drying towels will scratch your car's paint finish.


These new generation of "edgeless" microfibre towels reduces the possibility of scratching by removing the binding. Like the glass towel this is also 100% lint free, the towels will not produce a residue trail – completely removing the wax/sealant residue. Polish and wax will not build up in these towels, there softer than cotton and are machine washable.


The buffing towel has a stitched border for scratch free use. The towel has a dual nap that also makes it an excellent choice for buffing off waxes and quick detailing, usually having a different texture on each side. Side one is a terry cloth weave ideal for buffing waxes and sealant, and side two has a deep terry for the 'Final buff' or a quick detail spray.


These microfibre applicators are outstanding for polishing and waxing. The unique weave is tight enough to put hand polishes and pre-wax cleaners to work, yet smooth enough to apply a fine, even film of your favourite polish/ wax or sealant.


There are not many towels manufactured as "cleaning towels". The fibres are very tight and course, and the microfibre strands are not split. These towels have very little or no absorbency. The main purpose of these towels is general cleaning work, not detailing your vehicle. These detailing towels are ideal for interior cleaning, window cleaning and wiping down door shuts.

Wash Mitt

The super thick wash mitts are covered in the plush long hair microfibre with elasticated wrist sleeve. They contain around 200,000 strands of open ended microfibre per square inch, this means it loosens the dirt and safely pulls it from the surface into the mitt so there are no swirls or scratches. These mitt can hold up to 7 times their weight in water!

Make sure you look at the weave and fabric thickness (plushness) of the towel. Depending on the specific task the cloth is designed to perform, the fibre ends may be hooked (for cleaning), feathered (for polishing and glass cleaning), or tufted (for drying).

Some of the high quality microfibre products used by KDS.

All microfibre products are Sonus

  • All of the above microfibre towels are available to purchase through KDS.