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Wheel & Tire Detailing

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Start by mixing a bucket of soapy water using your chosen car shampoo (make it double the recommended strength). Doing one wheel at a time, apply a high quality alloy wheel cleaner (make sure it is safe for your wheel type), always follow the application details on your chosen product. With a specific alloy wheel brush, clean the inside of the wheel first then move onto the face of the wheel.

Rinse the wheel to remove the excess wheel cleaner. To make sure all of the wheel cleaner has been removed, wash the wheel using your bucket of soapy water. Final rinse the wheel thoroughly to remove soap suds, and then dry with a microfibre drying towel.

For extra protection apply a couple of layers of wheel sealant and finish off with a tyre gel to give it a high gloss finish.

Some of the high quality wheel detailing products used by KDS.

  • P21S - Wheel Cleaner (pH controlled, non-acid non-lye based)
  • ValetPro - Bilberry Wheel Cleaner (acid free)
  • Meguiars - Wheel Cleaner (diluted)
  • Mequiars - High Gloss Tyre Gel
  • Wheel Brush
  • The above products are available to purchase through KDS.

If your wheels and tires are perfectly detailed, the rest of your car will benefit.

Another service available through KDS is wheel refurbishment. Whatever vehicle you drive, beautiful alloys always enhance the appearance.