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The Detailed Service

Engine Clean

A clean and protected engine bay just finishes off a vehicle when having one of our detailing packages (the engine clean would be done before the detailing process).

Firstly we remove any excess debris and then cover any electrical components, air intakes and alarms to stop water damage. A strong degreaser/All Purpose Cleaner (APC) will be applied to the engine and the underside of the bonnet, which is then carefully agitated with various detailing brushes. The engine is then rinsed off, and a protective coating is applied to help it stay clean for longer.

On certain supercars and sports cars, it is possible vastly improve the appearance of an engine bay by (for example) machine polishing carbon covers and treating them with GTechniq coatings, re-painting tatty grilles to reverse the signs of aging and so on. If your car falls into this category, be sure to mention when booking if this would be of interest.


Prices from...

£65 - £400+

Time: 2 - 20 hours

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