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The Detailed Service


You will be amazed at the level of finish we achieve with this detail, no matter what the condition of the car may be to start with - we will get a finish better than when the vehicle was brand new. This is taking paint correction to the next level, removing light to medium scratches (deeper scratches can be removed with wet sanding), severe swirls, oxidisation, bird droppings, water marks and any other imperfections.

The paintwork benefits from paint levelling and a 3-5 stage paint correction process; again depending on the colour and density of clear coat (darker colours with harder paint will take considerably longer). Between 50-100hrs, yes 100hrs of machine polishing. We would achieve 99% correction (total paint thickness is sometimes a restrictive aspect). For those darker colours and harder paints, more aggressive compounds and pads need to be used to create that ultimate finish. Nothing is left untouched with this detail including interior, engine and exterior trim is removed to get to those hard to reach areas (also cleaned whilst off the vehicle). Leather will be cleaned, fed and conditioned. If your car has a soft top that will be cleaned and sealed too. Another advantage to this package is stone chips will be touched in to complete the overall appearance (note - due to make up of pearl and metallic paint, some touch ins may still be visible to the naked eye).

For outstanding protection, the Platinum detail includes our GTechniq optional extra at no additional charge - alhough we will apply a traditional wax or sealant if you prefer. A truly outstanding package for truly outstanding results.

  • 15 stage wash using 2 bucket method
  • Engine bay cleaned and detailed
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Alloy wheels deep cleansed inside and out, completely sealed with C5 Wheel Armour followed with 2 coats EXO V2
  • All wheel nuts are torque set to the correct manufacturer’s specifications
  • Clay bar used to remove bonded contaminates from paintwork (inc door shuts)
  • Vehicle re-washed and dried
  • Paint depth readings taken (also shows accident/paint repairs)
  • Paint levelling process to remove deeper paint defects & scratches (if required)
  • 3-5 stage paint correction to remove all swirl marks, light to medium scratches and imperfections
  • Vehicle wiped down with a isopropal alcohol (panel wipe) to make sure surfaces are clean
  • Multiple layers of very high quality wax/sealant
  • Door shuts waxed for added protection
  • Carpets vacuumed, interior trim cleaned and coated with C6 Natural Trim
  • Fabric seats and carpets coated with I1 Smart Fabric to repel staining and spilt liquids
  • Leather seats coated with L1 Leather Guard to prevent surface staining from dark coloured materials eg. jeans
  • Interior plastics dressed to finish of your choice
  • Door seals and rubbers cleaned and protected
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • Exterior glass cleaned
  • Glass coated with G1 ClearVision Smart Glass
  • Tyres dressed with T1 Long Life Tyre Gel
  • All exterior trim treated using C4 Permanent Trim Restorer
  • Stainless steel/chrome cleaned and polished
  • Soft top roof cleaned and sealed (if fitted)
  • Paintwork checked with 3M sunlight and 2 other light sources
  • Stone chips touched in
  • Paintwork coated with C1+ Crystal Lacquer followed with 2 coats EXO V2
  • Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards
  • Photos and videos taken are presented to owner

Prices from...

Small: £1595
Medium: £1795
Large: £1995
XL/4x4: £2195
(Prices are subject to VAT)

Time: 75 - 150hrs (minimum 7 day booking)

Optional Extras

Due to the process involved it is necessary to book in advance and a non-refundable deposit may be required.

Show Car/Concours Preparation

Here at KDS we can offer a bespoke show car/concours preparation treatment for any show, competition or magazine shoot. We don’t have a set process/package, in each case we will agree a detailing package with you in advance and then charge a fixed price for all work carried out.

Price from: £POA
Time: Depending on package