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The Detailed Service

New Car

When purchasing a new car you would expect the paintwork to be flawless, but alas this is very rarely the case. When you take into consideration your car would have been stored and transported before it reaches the dealership, and then the PDI process, this is when damage can be caused. When you collect your new car, you have a quick look round it checking for obvious damage, but the natural excitement blinkers you into not looking closely and unfortunately no brand or price-bracket is immune..... however, on those happy occasions when your new car is truly 'good as new', we have the New Car protection detail available to give the 'showroom' finish you were hoping for.

Pro tip: when ordering your new vehicle you may have opted for some kind of 'lifetime paintwork protection' product; this option would have probably cost you up to £400, when in fact it's often about £10 to purchase and applied by a member of staff with little time or expertise. These products will make your new vehicle look good for a couple of washes by filling and masking any minor defects, but then the fine surface scratches, swirls and marks will gradually re-appear.  We can demonstrate this for you when you bring your car in, and of course (if needs be) we have the facility to address any defects while the car is with us.  On our 'New Car' protection package, we'll coat your car with a long-life wax or sealant appropriate to the vehicle and its expected usage.  Ask us about these when you call if you'd like to know more.

n.b. New car buyers may alternatively consider our extremely popular GTechnic Protection Detail, which is similar but comes with vastly longer lasting protection thanks to the nano-coating technology.

  • 15 stage wash using 2 bucket method
  • Wheel arches cleaned
  • Wheels cleaned using alloy wheel cleaner
  • Extra fine clay bar used to remove bonded contaminates from paintwork
  • Vehicle re-washed and dried
  • Vehicle wiped down with a isopropal alcohol (panel wipe) to make sure surfaces are clean
  • Paintwork prepped with a pre-wax cleanser to support wax/sealant bonding
  • Pre-selected wax/sealant is applied
  • Door shuts waxed for added protection
  • Wheel sealed to prevent excessive brake dust
  • Interior cleaned and vacuumed
  • Interior plastics dressed to finish of your choice
  • Door seals and rubbers cleaned and protected
  • Interior glass cleaned
  • Tyres cleaned and dressed with a long lasting tyre gel
  • Exterior plastics dressed
  • Stainless steel/chrome cleaned and polished
  • Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards


Prices from...

Small: £295
Medium: £345
Large: £425
XL/4x4: £485
(Prices are subject to VAT)

Time: 10 - 20 hours

Optional Extras