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The Detailed Service

GTechniq Valet

Our premium valet is the GTechniq Valet - this package includes all the features of the Full Valet, but improves upon it with the use of GTechniq products and coatings throughout. Finishing off the exterior with GTechniq's C2v3 Liquid Crystal will give noticeably longer-lasting dirt-repelling performance when compared to traditional waxes and sealants.

This is ALSO the valet to go for if your car has already been treated with a GTechniq nano-coatings protection package. It's the perfect GTechniq aftercare package, as the products used are specifically designed to work in harmony with your existing protection. It's also an excellent opportunity for us to check-up and top-up if necessary.

  • Vehicle rinsed to remove any loose contamination
  • Tar spots removed with GTechniq W7 Tar and Glue Remover
  • GTechniq W4 Citrus Foam pre wash applied and left to dwell for 5 mins
  • Panel gaps and badges cleaned with specialist detailing brushes
  • Vehicle rinsed again to remove W4 Citrus Foam
  • All door shuts, hinges and surrounds de-greased and cleaned
  • Wheels cleaned with GTechniq W6 Iron and Fallout remover (helps dissolve brake dust)
  • Wheel arches carefully jet washed
  • Bodywork washed with GTechniq G-Wash using 2 bucket method
  • Vehicle rinsed once again to remove shampoo
  • Blow dry (non contact dry technique) then towel dry residue water
  • Any litter removed
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Interior dusted
  • Interior surfaces cleaned with GTechniq I2 Tri-Clean anti-bacterial cleaner
  • Glass cleaned outside
  • Glass cleaned inside
  • GTechniq C2v3 Liquid Crystal spray sealant applied to shuts, paintwork and wheels
  • Sealant residue carefully buffed for exceptional smear-free gloss
  • Tyres dressed with GTechniq T2 tyre dressing
  • Exterior plastics treated
  • Final buff with GTechniq QD
  • Final inspection to make sure your car meets our high standards

Prices from...

Small: £185
Medium: £215
Large: £245
XL/4x4: £285
(Prices are subject to VAT)

Time: 7 - 9 hours

Optional Extras