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The Detailed Service
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Guide prices...

All prices are +VAT

Mirror cap: from £50
Complete mirror: from £90

Brake callipers/hubs hand painted: from £50 per corner
Brake callipers spray painted:
from £150 per corner
Colour coding of body plastics:
from £195
Body panel (excl. bumpers):
from £295
from £345

Full respray:
from £4995
Full respray (bare metal):
from £6995

Our world class paint department, combining over 50 years experience in the body shop, can offer everything from minor scuff repair through to a full colour change at our state of the art facility. Dent removal, stone chips, scratches, colour coding, full repaints and complete colour changes are all available here at KDS.

We have extensive experience with all top end marques, as you can see from some of the pictures below, and our head of paintwork boasts previous senior positions at the likes of a well-known European manufacturer, as well as Formula 1 involvement. Whether carbon bodied (like this Ferrari Enzo), or metal bodied (like this Porsche 911), we will be able to get your vehicle looking its absolute best. Of course each vehicle and its requirements are different, so please contact us for an accurate quotation.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer insurance repairs. Painful experience has taught us that insurance companies seek only the lowest cost, without concern for attention to detail or longevity of the finish. We like to only offer our best work.

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The Details

We know that some of our customers like to know the specifics of our facilities here at KDS, and so for you we'd like to share a little more information:

We colour match using a combination of a spectrophotometer, colour chips, spray out cards, a 3M colour checker and (of course!) our eye. We use a Genesis X Spray Booth (which you can read more about in our dedicated article here), powered in part with the latest HPC rotary screw compressor with Sigma electronic control. The air is fridge dried and quadruple filtered throughout the entire workshop. We spray using Devilbiss GTI Pro Spray guns and offer a range of upgraded lacquer finishes, including the super-hard PPG Deltron CeramiClear .