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At KDS we take immense pride in our customer satisfaction and the positive feedback we always receive.

So we have created this section to showcase some of our previous customer testimonials. We are always updating the website with the latest comments so please check back for the latest addition!

"I purchased my Porsche in october 2007 - a black 911 Carerra 4S convertible - a car I had always wanted. I saw it as immaculate!

A couple of months later I decided to have the car detailed as this had been recommended to me. I had thought the car seemed perfect, but having seen another vehicle that Kelly had detailed I saw how superb the car looked so decided to put my car in for some treatment.

I left the car with Kelly and went off on my holiday looking forward to returning to see the results.

I was absolutely amazed at the finish both inside and out. The black paintwork had a new depth of shine that I had not realised was achievable. Not a blemish anywhere and it just shone.

Inside the leather smelt like brand new and was soft and supple and still continues to smell that way five months later. When I wash the car the water sheets of and it needs hardly any drying at all. The paintwork is restored every time to the pristine look it had when I first picked it up from Kelly. The soft top shrugs off the water as if they were globules of mercury.

Was the money well spent - absolutely!"

Tony Cashford
Porche 911 Carerra 4S

"Collecting my Nissan Navara from KDS detailing was fantastic, as I had left the car with Kelly whilst I was in New York.

To trust somebody I had only just met with my pride and joy was at first a worry as i was not expecting everything that i had asked about to be possible as i was sure some was not but when I arrived i was completely amazed at the transformation of my truck, it no longer looked dull and boring, the whole car was gleaming, paintwork was restored to better than new with such a deep shine and free from swirls and the modifacations i asked about had all been completed without issue.

I am very impressed by the service and the commitment offered to customers that kelly offers, and have gone back for further work to be completed to inhance the look of my truck as he is the only company I have found that is willing to undertake such work in this area without compromise or issue.

Thanks for all you have done."

Fraser Williams
Navara Owner

"We are amazed at the quality of the finish detail, we thought the car was good when it was dropped off but cant believe the difference now"

Alfa Romeo Spider

"Kelly has been working on my cars since I moved to Gillingham 7 years ago.

In that time he has maintained and modified my rally bread Evo's and GTI-R as well as my not so rally inspired diesel Mondeo.

Whether a minor service or a bespoke FIA approved race seat installation, Kelly's work has been faultless and to a standard rarely seen outside the profesional motorsport environment. His knowledge is second to none and his passion for cars extreme.

I would not allow anyone else to work on my own or any of my family's cars."

Jason Price
RS Focus

"Finding a company to work on your pride and joy can become a bit of a mine field, stories of chips and even engines being swapped are quite common place. So when you visit a company where they park their own car along side yours to prevent it from receiving parking dents, you know you are some where special.

That was exactly how I felt after visiting KDS. A new company based in Gillingham, Kent, KDS is the brain child of Kelly Harris. A man not a girl, Kelly's obsession with automotive perfection is simply out of this world, It's only when you see his work and attention to detail that you realise this is a man who knows his stuff. So what is KDS about? Years ago Kelly started detailing his friends cars all of which were worth alot more than your average run around. Seeing his work, his friends labeled him a wasted talent. Wet sanding, part of the process of making your car paint look like water, Righhhtttt! Seriously, you have to see it to believe it. With a state of the art facility, KDS is setting the standard that others can only dream about.

So what has all this got to do with high performance cars, well, not only does Kelly detail cars to an extremely high level, he is also an extremely talented technician. With a degree in engineering and a resume that reads more like a top selling novel, KDS has a leader worthy of a position in the middle of Trafalgar Square. Oh, and the extremely expensive, illuminated Lancia sign on the wall is enough to make any Integrale owner dribble. I certainly did.

Kelly's knowledge has also been included in the world famous Guy croft workshop manual, modifying and tuning Fiat/Lancia twin cam engines.

Kelly loves fast cars and will not hesitate to flick the switch on the kettle and start talking about them. The mountain of photo's and the very worn Guy Croft manual are testiment to Kelly's dedication.

From a service to a full engine rebuild, Fiat to Ferrari, KDS is sure to provide 100% satisfaction."

Mark Serne
Lancia Integrale

"Considering that I had originally booked my car in for a wheel refurbishment 1 week later and it’s a totally different story! I stumbled across KDS whilst speaking to Lepsons about my wheels and duly called them to discuss a detail on my car. I was faced with a very friendly reception followed by some good advice and booked the car in for a full detail, to include interior and engine bay. The car was to be there for a whole week.

After much badgering by myself and deciding which products to use, it was a week later and I found myself back on the train to collect the car.

I was greeted by what can only be described as a car in better than new condition! It was an incredible difference. I didn't think that the car was that bad, but how wrong I was. The depth of shine, the clear, swirl free paint and an interior which smells as new again.

I was then shown round the car by Kelly and given advice on what products I should be using and how I should be using them. It seems that after the initial investment of the detail, all that it takes is care rather than cash to maintain a swirl free shine.

If you are a car nut like myself and like your cars looking spot on, I cannot recommend Kelly's services enough."

Thx again

"Having researched for weeks, I finally settled on Kelly and entrusted my pride and joy to him. It's easy to find local and respected detailers with a little work, however few if any provide the same confidence in their ability as Kelly. Having viewed his website, come across his lengthy posts in specialist forums and seen nothing but praise from his customers, I took the plunge.

He had my car for 2 weeks and kept me upto date with each step of the process (I also had some body repair and a bumper respray, both of which were superb). I truly believe Kelly treats each car as though it were his own.

Regardless of the distances involved, no one but Kelly will be carrying out major cosmetic work on my cars from now on.

There's a reason why KDS have a following of appreciative and loyal customers on the internet, it's simply the best you can go for.

Deniz Somay
Steel Grey M3

"Thanks very much for the pics.

Would just like to thank you again for achieving such a fantastic result....far better than when it came from the factory."


Stuart Stuart
Range Rover HSE

"I had my car detailed few weeks ago - Porsche 911 Turbo, lapis blue.

I would like to praise the work - it really stands out in the sunshine"

Goncalo Proenca
Porsche 911 Turbo

"I just wanted to say thanks again for the detailing you did on my car, I'm really happy with the result. Please send a thank you to the rest of your team as well, a great job!"

BMW Z4M Coupe

"Just to say thanks again for a fantastic job on my M3, you have a new fan club where I work."

BMW E46 M3

"Thanks for your excellent service and workmanship.

The car looks stunning and I will follow your advice for keeping it that way.

It is refreshing to find someone with such enthusiasm and respect for customers and I will be recommending you to everyone in our club membership."

Mazda MX5

"I had read about KDS on various internet forums, and as the orange peel paint work was so poor on my new black BMW E93 M3 decided to have the wet sand treatment carried out on the car. The difference was amazing, the paint looked like glass.

Kelly has subsequently carried out several detail packages to my cars, the most recent on my Silverstone BMW F10 M5 which included repainting the front bumper. As always a perfect finish, when I collected it the car was literally better than new."

John S

Black BMW E92 M3

"Kelly is a pro.

My 993 c2s is midnight blue and shows marks and swirrles pretty badly.

Shortly after I bought it, I thought it needed a respray.

Kelly and his team kept my car for a couple of weeks for an in-depth treatment: paint correction and detailing.

I was quite annoying with specific requests on the interior, the wheels (I am always worried when anyone comes too close to my cars).

The final result left me speechless. My car is 82k miles and would put to shame cars with half or even a third of the mileage.

The team at KDS works hard and it is virtually impossible that they do not meet the standards of anyone with the most acute OCD syndrome.

The pricing was very fair as well.

I have made a lot of noise among my ‘car friends’ and car forums for this company. I will continue to do so.

Keep up the good job."

Eric S

Midnight Blue Porsche 993 C2S

"I first went to Kelly in 2009. I had a lovely E92 M3 in grey but it had terrible orange peel, which I wanted flattened. I’d heard about KDS and thought I’d give them a buzz.

It was clear to me from that phone call that Kelly really knew his stuff, we agreed a price over the phone and I booked my car in for a wetsand.

I went on holiday and left him the car for a couple of weeks whilst I was away.

I came back completely stunned by the way my car looked – it had a smooth, glass-like finish. I’d never seen anything like it before, it was just so stunning, I immediately posted all of the pictures I had of the car on my Facebook page.

Every single part of the car was utterly spotless – it was a job of utter professionalism and brilliance.

Too often you hear the phrase “looks as good as new”. But my car looked better than any new car I’ve seen and best of all it took very little effort to maintain this stunning look.

In the intervening years I’ve taken many cars to KDS and recommended many people to KDS. The standard of the work is of the very highest order. Kelly is the best detailer in the UK right now in my opinion.

If you want your car to look utterly incredible, then KDS is the only place where your expectation is going to be exceeded."

Jean-Paul G.

Grey BMW E92 M3

"As a car enthusiast with a keen eye for detail and a care about who looks after my cars, it was a relief and pleasure to find someone of the calibre and reputation as KDS to entrust the paint correction and detailing work on my Ferrari 355 with. The car looked very tidy and shiny beforehand but the quality of the corrected paintwork was just astonishing and made the car look absolutely stunning. Soon afterwards KDS undertook work on a Jaguar, with similar excellent results. Their most recent work on my 911 comprised a Silver paint correction package, with repainting of the rear bumper and valance, fitment of some new trim, and an underbody treatment, and has transformed the car to look even better than when it left the factory 23 years ago. I was stunned when I arrived to collect it

I've always been delighted with the superb quality of KDS's work and their obsessive pursuit of excellence, and would highly recommend them."

Ferrari 355 F1 Berlinetta
Jaguar XKR
Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera