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Since 2012 we have trained over 240 people in detailing training group sessions, as well as fine-tuned and educated over 100 individuals in intensive one-to-one detailing courses. Pupils have flown in from all around the world to learn from us - Australia, Dubai, Qatar, China, Taiwan, the USA, every major European country, and even some from the UK! KDS-trained individuals won the speed-detailing competition at Waxstock, the UK's biggest detailing expo, every year it was held, and many amateurs have gone on to become full-time professional detailers with our guidance (a few selected examples are now featured in our Alumni section).  

For detailed information on our training modules and a full break down of pricing, please download the Training PDF document HERE.

One-to-one Individual Training

With over 25 years experience and genuinely world-wide acclaim from both his customers and his peers, KDS' owner and founder Kelly Harris has a wealth of knowledge that he is able to share. Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur looking to improve your skills, or an established professional detailer looking to achieve the ultimate finish, KDS can accommodate your needs. Remember: it only takes one schoolboy error on an expensive car to cost you £££'s!

We are able to offer tuition, from basic to fully advanced levels, on:

  • Machine polishing - rotary eg. Flex, Makita
  • Machine polishing - DA eg. Rupes Bigfoot, DAS6
  • Pad and product combinations incl. bespoke KDS systems
  • Wet sanding by hand / block / machine
  • Nano coatings incl. GTechniq C1 / Crystal Serum / EXO
  • Vehicle enhancement
  • Damage correction
  • Aftercare
  • ...and many more

One-to-one detailing training is conducted by Kelly Harris, so you will spend your time learning with the master himself. These sessions can take from one day up to a week (as you request) and we'll provide all the equipment and test materials for you - as well as your daily lunch. We believe in mythbusting and 'hands-on' detailing training: we'll explain (and PROVE) the science behind our methods, demonstrate their applications, but then guide you as you try them for yourself and see your own results improving.

Detailing consultancy

Furthermore, we can offer dedicated consultancy during which Kelly will be able to assist you with questions relating (but not restricted) to such things as start-up costs, ramps, tooling, layouts, insurance, suppliers, location choice, customer handling, staffing, liabilities, legalities, future-proofing, further ventures and integration into existing businesses. Consultancy can be selected as an additional day following a course, or as a standalone request. Please enquire when booking about this option.

All bookings are by prior arrangement, so please contact us with the dates you'd prefer (bookings are subject to availability and held on normal working days ie. Monday to Friday). Our training PDF gives a guide to timings and costs, however we can tailor any package to suit your needs.











Group Training

Occasionally throughout the year we are able to run group training sessions. If you are part of an internet forum (many of our group detailing training sessions are organised on DetailingWorld.com), or perhaps a group of friends looking for tuition, please do get in contact and we can tailor a programme specific to your group's needs. Pricing depends on the number of pupils (between 10 and 30 is normal) and will include lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Our next group training day is on 1st April 2017 -  Polish and Products (details HERE)

Pictures from our September 2013 beginners / advanced day are below, and there are more on our Facebook page.
Also, here are some recent examples that were suited to detailers with a range of skill levels:



We are lucky to receive lots of great feedback to our training courses, here are two recent examples:

"Hi Jay and Kelly

Myself and my brother have a passion for detailing and want to hopefully start up our own detailing studio. Having a browse on the internet at potential training options we found out that Kelly @ KDS provided such training; we were aware of Kelly and KDS already having followed some of his superb detailing on detailingworld.co.uk! We then enquired and Jay booked us in with Kelly a for a few months down the line. Jay was really helpful and made the booking process easy and straightforward, they even accommodated the both of us training with Kelly on a 2 to 1 basis to suit our needs.

We then travelled down to KDS for the course. Kelly was very friendly and welcoming, as were the rest of his team who were working on customers vehicles whilst we were there. It was a real treat to gain knowledge from such an expert in the detailing field and learn lots of new skills and techniques. We particularly liked Kelly's approach whereby he would explain certain things but always had the true reasoning behind it so we could understand why we should be doing things a particular way; this really helped the information sink in, and trust me there was a LOT to take in! Another great aspect was the high amount of practice we got using equipment, in particular with the machine polishing and wet sanding - both skills that do require alot of practice. Having lots of time practising really improved our confidence and understanding of the different machines we could use. Considering KDS had multiple customer vehicles in at the same time as our training Kelly gave us his 100% attention whilst training and was very professional. On the website there is a general outline of the training and its components and times allocated, however Kelly tailored our training to meet our specific needs so there was an even greater emphasis on machine polishing and wet sanding which we were over the moon about! On the first day, when Kelly had finished training us, we actually ended up staying behind for a few hours and we chatted about lots of aspects of detailing with lots of tips and helpful information about running a detailing business. This extra time Kelly spent with us was really invaluable and his passion really shone through!

After leaving KDS and completing our training we are both using our skills to detail cars for our friends and family, and looking after our own cars to a high standard, we are waiting for a unit to come up in our area to start our business which we hope we can get going next year! One thing we did benefit massively from was training and practising with Gtechniq coatings; this knowledge we took forward and have so far completed two cars with Gtechniq C1 and Exo v2, one being a '64 reg Audi RS4 and an '09 Audi RS6! The first car we detailed following the training was a Triumph stag which a family friend wanted improving for his daughter's wedding having owned the car for many years, and he said it was the 'best it had ever looked!' which gave us a such a buzz that somebody really appreciated our work! Overall I would highly recommend Kelly and KDS for detailing training if you are looking to start a business or alternatively if you are an avid amatuer detailer like ourselves! Worth every penny and takes your knowledge and skill set to a whole new level!"

Lewis and Fraser Bernard, trained summer 2015


"I recently spent two days training with Kelly focussing on machine polishing techniques and scratch removal. We started with a chat about what I was looking to get out of our time together and Kelly tailored the course to my needs. Over the next two days Kelly built up my knowledge in a step by step manner and new concepts were explained very clearly and were backed up with the science behind them! The KDS team are truly passionate about what they do and Kelly is a master of his craft. I’d highly recommend KDS to anyone!"

Dean, product technician at a household-name car care company, trained January 2016